English Homework Helper: 5 Free Sources To Get Motivated

There are a lot of no charge times to be found that can help you to complete your work and get motivated. You may be too busy to search for these, but we can narrow the list for you. Note that for each suggestion, there will be quite a few options and styles, and you will have to pick the one you want. Consider looking at reviews and qualifications to help you narrow down the best choice for you. All five of these ideas will help to motivate you to get the assignments completed.

5 Free Sources to Get Motivated

  1. A bibliography and works cited app generator-you no longer would have to spend hours figuring out to make a MLA or APA citation. The app will ask for the specific information, you will input it, and then the source citation is created. There are quite a few of these that are free. Some of the no charge ones have limited functions, and require a charge for more functions.
  2. Planners from the local school supply store-my local school supply store gives away free planners every single year. I can’t guarantee that your store will do the same, but a quick phone call will help you to find out if they do so.
  3. The library has help-the library has trained researchers who can help you with your research and paper formats. You need to use a search tool to find out where your closest local library is. You can use your school library for the same thing, but it will have more limited hours of operation. You can check out the books you need for research for no charge. The library often gives away free books, as well.
  4. Plagiarism checker apps-there are quite a few plagiarism apps that can check to make sure that your report is 100% unique. Sometimes students get sloppy when using research and copy the work or forget to cite. These free apps will scan the work and let you know if your paper has any potential problems.
  5. Peer tutors-go to the guidance office and ask if your school has a peer-tutoring program. You will be matched with an honor student in the subject you need help in. There is not cost, as the honor student is given community service hours for the help. If you school doesn’t have such a program, suggest that hey start one.